Tablescape Tuesday

So we’re dining at a five star restaurant when I unfold my napkin and see lipstick stains.

Now you have to understand my profession and personality type demands perfection in presentation.

Anything less than 100% feels like a failure.

As it turns out, thankfully the manager felt their presentation failed too.

It wasn’t pleasant holding a dingy napkin.

At that moment, I realized I hadn’t been showing up in my presentation at the dinner table for my family.

When you’re running a design business, its easy to get stuck in making hundreds of decisions, and get hung up on stuff like…

“Should we knock out the wall to open up the living room?”

“What day do we need the floor to arrive in order for it to be installed before the cabinets arrive?

“And, how the heck do we design a twenty foot cantilever balcony that’s made of glass?”

That’s all important stuff. But, showing up for my family is equally, and more important.  Designing in my own home and showing up for my family is where the real magic happens. I can test out designs in my home and not worry if its a loss of time or money. That’s the best part!!!

When you’re busy carrying the demands of the office home…you lose sight of the importance of family dinner.

If this sounds like you, keep reading for tips on how to show up for your family at the dinner table.

I promise your family will thank you for it!

Luxury lives in the finer details. It’s a cloth napkin at a dinner table…

Top 5 Tips to creating a beautiful tablescape:

  1. Plain or Patterned Tableskirt Aerin Lauder Hamptons breakfast room - Lee Jofa fabric - seagrass rug - white hydrangea - Samuel and Sons trim
  2. Floral Centerpiece. For a vase, I’ve used julep cups and candles. So, be adventurous in what you elect to contain your floral centerpiece.

Carolyne Roehm South Carolina outdoor living space - garden

3. Napkins – Preferably embroidered napkins.

Veranda Magazine - Embroidered napkins

4. Charger or Beautiful Entree Plate. Of course, you’ll want pretty flatware and drinkware to complement.

Carolyne Roehm Garden - Embroidered napkins - embroidered tablecloth

5. Great Conversation and Food. No one wants to sit at a boring table that doesn’t entice their palate!


Bon Appétit!!!


|Images: Pinterest, Veranda|


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