Intentional, Authentic, Effortless Lifestyle.

Stunning interiors, combined with optimal livability and influenced by our desire for connection with family and community, are how we make a home.


Our unique process will enhance your home and lifestyle with


Imagine your home, worthy of a magazine spread one day while hosting a family gathering the next…

It’s also where your most important conversations, decisions, and memories are made. 

Our sophisticated and approachable designs are meant to be lived in. Elle Cole Interiors transcends conventional design by tuning into your individuality to produce spaces and experiences that elevate your home and lifestyle.

How do you want to live? 

Our collaboration begins with understanding your wants, needs, and dreams. Then, we implement a highly customized design that truly represents you while imparting more joy and ease into your every day.

Designing your home is a deeply personal and rewarding journey. We bring both reverence and levity to the process of creating your special space. Design should be fun!


“Designing your home is important work. This is a personal space to connect with family & cultivate your dreams.”

– Elle Cole

Elle Cole Interiors creates a true home based on your story—a warm & authentic space.
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