Our Process

Elle Cole Interiors partners with clients who share in the designer’s distinctive appreciation for the advancement of classicism, interpreted for the modern day.

Elle Cole views interior design as a true art form, and herself as the conservator. With her team, she approaches the design process as a tailored, curatorial venture, with the overarching objective being to create a visceral experience for each client – transcending what is on paper, creating a tangible environment that embodies the essence of a family and how they live in their home.

Known for creating intricately detailed design concepts, the process encompasses multiple steps, starting with discovery. During this initial phase, the firm begins what will become an intimate connection with the client – establishing a deep understanding of not only their design needs, preferences, but the way that they live, move, and feel in their surroundings. Understanding these preferences provides Elle insight on the appropriate vision of the architecture and environments that will lead to the best transformational results.

From here, the design development begins from the ground up, starting with the architecture. The architecture of a space is Elle’s foremost opportunity to make a significant contribution to the environment. By starting with an understanding of the structure and system, along with the functionality required by the client throughout the various spaces, she can unify the interiors coherently as a whole. This step is presented through CAD renderings and overall layouts/floorplans of the home and/or room. Only when the environments are created through drawings can the project move forward with ease. A solid foundation is crucial to creating design that will stand the test of time. The interior finishes will fall short of standing proud against a weak groundwork. Clients may not appreciate the flooring at first glance, but when they sit in the space they appreciate the details that complement the foundation.

Once the infrastructure has been laid, Elle and her team move to textiles and color to establish the design scheme foundation. These elements bind the structure and interior core to achieve the desired results of harmony, space flow, comfort, and, ultimately, beauty. This is followed by the selection and placement of furnishings, specific to the configuration of each space.

The hallmark of an Elle Cole Interiors home is that of comfortable luxury, designed with intimate details that beckon the eye to pay attention. After the furnishings have been selected, these fine details are layered in, with every piece selected to be showcased by the ambiance of the entire room. Whether it is the trim for a custom-made lampshade, waterfall-pleated chair skirts, or hand-forged lighting from a small European craftsman, no detail is too small. This continues from the ground all the way up to the ceiling – which Elle views as the “Fifth Wall,” the perfect foundation to create intimate and grand backdrops. She incorporates even more detail here through pattern designs, textures, finishes, and statement lighting – either singularly or in combinations.

Finally, the room is ready to be dressed – the last step in which Elle walks the space to discover further opportunities to add another layer to the visual theater that has been created. What matters to Elle is that her beautiful process produces beautiful results. Results where architecture relates to the comfort of the client’s home. Elle believes, great design is meant to be discovered, one can only accomplish this by inhabiting the space.

For more information on our design services, and to determine if we are a fit, please submit an inquiry and someone from our team will be in touch.