Hamptons Showhouse

Plagued by the dreary weather here in Dallas, we looked to the fun days of summer, and our time participating in Traditional Home’s Hampton Designer Showhouse to propel us through the late afternoon. There’s nothing like an uplifting  space in a beautiful setting to brighten up your day, no matter where you are! Journey with us through one of our most recent designs.

As most of you know, we designed the Recreational Room in this year’s Showhouse. We wanted to design a space centered around a healthy lifestyle – with the busyness of today’s modern family, working out can become a chore. So, when we found out Peloton wanted to partner with us, this made it the perfect solution for our space. Peloton bikes are beautiful, attainable, and fit perfectly in a busy family’s life. To bring the adjoining spaces together, we used splashes of color that complemented the beauty of the exterior, and gave a sense of well-being.  In the end, our room has a sophisticated flair without the feeling of pretentiousness, inviting everyone to have fun and enjoy. The recreation room is a beautiful back drop perfect for any homeowner’s life.

If you’re interested in any of the furnishings shown in the space, please shop HERE!

Below is how we began before we were able to create the ideal Recreational Room…



IMG_2855 (003)

And, this is how we ended…Marco Ricca was able to capture some special moments throughout the space.

We can’t thank him enough for capturing the spirit of our design.

Elle Core


Elle Core

Elle Core

If you’re interested in any of the furnishings shown in the space, please shop HERE!


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