tumblr_mla6hvJSOY1qe1u6qo1_500Saturday Morning 

Ummm ok, great! Let’s get started. Got my list, got my catalogues.  I’ll just read up a little and I’ll be fine!  I know what I like, I know what looks good – how hard can it be?!

Two Hours And Three Cups Of Coffee Later…


 So now I choose the floor tile that relates to the shower tile which will work with the dominant wallpaper I love. And, then I need the vanity cabinet paint colour that works with the tile, roman shade fabric, wallpaper and fixture finishes – easy enough!

Hmmm… and then there’s the budget.

Sunday Night In Bed… 

Maybe I don’t care as much about form as I do about function?
 Do I?
 Oh noo… I hope they do returns at that store. I’m just not 100% sure anymore.


Somewhere, Its 2am And A DIY Decorator Is Losing Sleep…


Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.
In fact, that feeling of being sure you know what you want drives over 70% of remodelers to start without a proper design plan.

The problem is not that you want the ‘wrong things’ or don’t have good taste – it’s just that creating your vision is more complex than it seems.

Lack of planning is the most common mistake in the remodeling process that I see. It causes lost sleep; wasted money and that awful feeling of having created something you don’t really love.

So if you want to avoid falling into the same trap, just follow my five simple tips to getting started…



Starting a remodeling job before you understand what’s involved is like attempting to cram an entire semester’s study into the night before the exam. Only worse because it’s no longer your parent’s money you’re wasting is it?
Let’s say you’re thinking about remodeling your bathroom. The first tool you need to pick up is a pen and paper! Simply write down a plan of action that includes your vision and budget.
This forms the foundation of your design plan and is your life raft on the treacherous sea of remodeling. It may be the only thing that stops you from getting in over your head later on – so take the time!


Now before you rush off to the store or tear into your bathroom like a fiend, ask your friends, neighbors about their experience of remodeling. What would they do differently? What advice do they have to share?
There are pitfalls to avoid with certain styles of bathroom products, extra expenses that can be avoided and a goldmine of advice just waiting to enrich your remodeling experience.
When you have a good knowledge of other common remodeling mistakes you can avoid repeating history as you tackle your own project.


The first thing most remodelers say is that they can’t afford a designer. Often the budget on a bathroom remodel is small so that seems logical, but over my years in the business I’ve discovered the real truth.

You can’t afford NOT to hire a designer.

The fact is that you’re going to wake up and see this space every morning, so any mistakes will haunt you.
The great news is that most designers will consult on an hourly basis and give you invaluable advice on how to tackle the project without racking up mistakes and regrets.
Just one hour with a professional designer will help you avoid costly mistakes that you’d be saving for years to recoup on!


 Tip #4: BUDGET:

Write an outline of your budget and remember that you are going to want a tiny bit of breathing space. So, plan an additional 20% overage.
This might seem to defeat the purpose of a budget, but there will be accessories or benefits one product will offer over another that are worth the additional investment.
Imagine not being able to choose the better tub with the heating element you’ve always wanted but didn’t initially think about!
Yes, there’s a sensible way to pad your budget from the start and a great budget tool in Excel that itemizes labor, materials and anything else you wish to track for your project.


Lastly, I want to challenge you to view the process as more than just a means to an end. Creating a new space in your house is actually very exciting!

I also want to warn you that you may have to go through some challenging feelings or ugly stuff before you get to the really good point. The one where you breathe a sigh of satisfaction at what you’ve achieved!

Remember, you’re not embarking on this remodeling project to make your daily living worse. You’re doing it to create seamless function and a beautiful start to your day.
The end result will enhance your life emotionally and physically. Plus, it’s always nice to be the envy of your group of friends!

If you need any more info about creating your bathroom design plan, just get in touch HERE. I’d love to assist you to create the sort of space where happiness lives.




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