Your Design Style Explained and a WINNER

By now I hope you all have had a chance to take the design quiz to find out your design style.  Elle has so graciously let me share with you this quiz and now I would like to explain each design style and share some image examples with you hoping to help you better understand your taste.  Read on to see the four design styles and what they mean.
Southern Traditional
(mostly A’s)
The Southern Traditional style is one of the oldest in the book but definitely does not have to be the stuffy overload some people label this style.  For example, the above picture is of Tory Burch’s home in Southampton.  A great example of the traditional furniture lines, a mix of prints and collectable objects. The furniture is usually darker in nature and abundantly placed so everyone has a place to sit down their drink.  Traditional molding, lighting and even an ivory and marble fireplace surround denote this room as very traditional.
Another way to apply traditional to a room is to repeat a print/fabric as many ways as possible in bedding, walls, window treatments and upholstery.  While the print may be overused it is not overwhelming in that it repeats itself without introducing anything to compete with.  As in this example above of Aerin Lauder’s home the room consists of only one accent color – brown.
The Southern Traditionalists likes each individual room to represent its own statement.  Wallcovering, finishes, paint choices and flooring are all elements that when chosen carefully make a room an experience within itself.  Usually characteristic of this style is detail upon detail.  Extra carving in the Sherle Wagner sink faucet, higher baseboards giving drama along with a brass sink and hardware fittings all chosen to represent elegance and sophistication which is the essence of the Southern Traditionalists.
Classically Refined
(mostly B’s)
The Classically Refined design style takes the traditional and classical elements of the Southern Traditionalists but turns them down a notch by keeping the eye more at peace with less movement and pattern.  The Classically Refined person loves simple and restful spaces with modern sophistication.  Even in this example above the color scheme of white and gray with only two prints provide a restful retreat and spa like atmosphere while the classical elements of the built-ins, moldings and trim all add a sense of elegance and refinement.
The Classically Refined room such as the image above still introduces traditional elements as in the artwork but does so on a bold dark wall choice with a monochromatic color scheme to maintain its ease and simplicity.  The brass accents add a touch of glamour to the room.  Not unlike the Southern Traditionalists, the Classically Refined likes glamour but only in pops and repeats.
BAMO design team via Veranda Magazine
I love this kitchen above and while the barstools make this room a little more on the eclectic side the room itself is Classically Refined.  The cabinets are simple in their lines and give nod to a traditional sense but the exhaust hood and island lean more to a modern sensibility.  Therefore, this style loves to mix both the modern functionality of today with the traditional principles of yesterday.
Edgy Eclectic
(mostly C’s)
If you like drama, glamour, contemporary and international influences and can’t seem to make up your mind then you are an Edgy Eclectic.  Finishes, furniture lines and fabrics mixed in no particular order make for a fun mix of pizazz.  Sleek textures, reflective surfaces, supple or hand crafted textiles and modernism combine for interest and punch that make a space bold and brilliant.
For example, this room above by Martyn Lawrence Bullard mixes silver and gold, a funky canopy bed and lots of texture and color that wants you to think this is the best room you’ve ever walked into.  Always about the sense of touch, the eclectic room is full of variety and interest.
The above example by Kelly Werstler is a great example of the Edgy Eclectic.  The bold floor pattern, grand staircase, Grecian and classical references all mix with shiny surfaces, sculptural elements and  statement pieces to tell you this room has not a boring bone about it.  Never a dull moment in the eclectic world of interiors.
Coastal  Comfort
(mostly D’s)
You know you don’t have to live by the ocean to enjoy ocean views.  The Coastal Comfort style can take you to summer days all within the confines of your home.  This style loves the cool colors of the ocean, the neutral tones of sand dunes, the beauty of the sunset shades and the comfort of vacation.  Stripes are a key pattern in helping achieve this look along with lots of white, natural bamboo, laid back ease and traditional simplicity.
Sometimes this design style might seem like it overlaps with the Classically Refined because it likes simplicity and likes the past but while detail is here it is so well designed it is not obvious or formal.  Comfort is key and light is the warmth.
The example of above references historical traditionalism but a calming palette of mint green and a simple pine table as an island all create a comfort and ease implying a laid back sensibility.  Even the light fixtures are intentionally free of flamboyancy as functionality with taste is the purpose of this style.  Free of any clutter and always inviting you in the Coastal Comfort room lets you relax in style.
Thank you for letting me take you on a short journey to hopefully help you discover or refine your style sense and thank you for commenting and telling us your design style.  The winner of the fabulous Aerin Beecher table lamp is…TERRY BROWN. Congratulations to our winner, we can’t wait to see the perfect spot you chose in your home for your new lamp!!!!


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