With a New Year brings resolutions, a renewal of purpose and promise. For the majority, resolutions are never kept and turn into broken promises no matter who you tell. My philosophy is to set clear goals with purpose and harness the power of positivity to accomplish them. The past few weeks, I have been thinking about my goals for 2015 and laying the ground work to bring them to fruition.  Being blessed with great mentors and working with professionals who are passionate about their work; I thought I would pass on the strategies these high achievers use to prepare for the new year. And, what I have learned from them…

1. REFLECT ON THE PAST YEAR. Reflection helps you gain insight for what you can do in the New Year. Looking back at your wins can be a driving force of ambition, giving thought to what you really want to make happen in the new year. Don’t use reflection to chain yourself to the past but as a tool to leap you forward. What did you really do well this year? Were you commended for your efforts in a way that shined?

2. BE POSITIVE. Leave 2014 behind, if you stare at your lost opportunities instead of focusing on your wins, those regrets will eliminate your ambitious drive. How can you leverage those wins to take your success one step further? How do you want to show up differently? Approach new opportunities from a place of yes. Positive thoughts results in positive outcomes.

3. HAVE GRATITUDE. Be thankful for what you do have, not focused on what’s missing in your life. If you write down at least five things you are grateful for everyday, your perspective will change – propelling you toward achieving your goals and being rewarded with prosperity.

4. ELIMINATE THE EXCESS. Look at your 2014, activities and commitments that you gave your time to and eliminate about 30% of them from the bottom for 2015. This will help you dedicate your time to projects and commitments with the biggest pay off. Even if some of the things you enjoy are not delivering the results you want, stop doing them and focus on what can give you the results you want.

5. SET COMPELLING GOALS. Set clear goals of what you want to accomplish and why you want to accomplish it. Knowing the why to your what is critical. Having a valid purpose for your goal setting can mean the difference between a false promise and real achievement.

6. BREAK IT OUT. Make your goals manageable. Set smaller goals so while you are working towards the loftier goals you continue to have the motivation to keep moving forward because you are experiencing wins a long the journey. Each day is an opportunity that gets you closer to the dream goal.

7. SCHEDULE YOUR YEAR. Give yourself a big picture view of your year. Block out important dates; vacations with the family, major projects, creative time so you can prepare and give yourself the opportunity to unplug and connect in the most important moments. Having a birds eye view of what your year looks like allows you to work with purpose instead of floundering.

8. UNPLUG. Be intentional about taking time away from the office and projects to recharge. Give yourself permission to unplug, so you can be the best version of yourself and give your best to others. Its impossible to put our best foot forward when we are exhausted and overworked. So, be selfish with this time and take care of yourself.

Like you, I have a list of goals I want to accomplish in 2015, smaller ones but also goals that push me out of my comfort zone. How do you feel about 2015? Do you have any exciting things you want to share? Do you believe in goal setting? What have you done at the beginning of each new year that has worked for you? Please share with us your goals, we would love to hear what you have planned.

 Cheers to you, your families and making 2015 your best year ever!!!


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