Happy Friday!

About a month ago, I was scouring through stacks of magazines, visiting antique stores, taking walks looking for inspiration – but nothing was catching my eye.

I told myself “The inspiration will come, you’re trying to hard.”

Like we all do, I was busy trying to force creativity when it wasn’t time.

Finally, a few days before I was to place the final touches on my presentation, I came across an image that simply stopped me in my tracks. It had all the right elements; balance of warm and cool, masculinity and femininity, chic and comfortable, sophisticated not overdone…are you imagining this with me? Have you ever had an image stop you in your tracks? When this happens to me, I find it most thrilling.

In an instant this one image brought my entire presentation full circle. It wasn’t as I looked to copy the design in the image – it was simply in one fall swoop I saw all the pieces of my presentation fit like a perfect puzzle, conjuring up the ideal finishing touches that were in my design library all this time. But, I just couldn’t see because I wasn’t allowing the creative process to happen naturally.

Boy did I learn its better sometimes to let things happen naturally then to force them. And, isn’t it fantastic when that one image brings it all home, everything that you’re feeling and want at the moment you’re ready.

So, here’s the image that stopped me in my tracks…


The room relies on no bold graphic pattern, monochromatic is the story – a story of how grey can be a chameleon wherever is wants or needs to be. In a very subtle way, this room has a sexiness at its core.

Thank you for spending some time with me today. I hope you have a fantastic weekend!!!

image source: unknown


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