Something’s Gotta Give ‘Cause I Want That Look!

One of my favorite movies of all time, Something’s Gotta Give, staring Jack Nicholson and Diane Keaton will keep you rolling with laughter from start to finish.  It will also stun you with things you never thought you’d say and a few tears. Whether you like the movie or not,  the English Manor styled beach house decor is one to be admired…sheer elegance, clean lines and perfection.  You can have this look too!

I love it that the main character, Erica Berry, surrounded herself with a collection of one of the things she loved most – white rocks in glass jars throughout the house mixed with a collage of books. The whole design of the home bespoke to things Erica loved and collected over time that tailored to her life as a screenwriter.  We should all surround ourselves with the things we love!

In the designer world, this home is the most loved and talked about interior in the business and one of my favorites as well.  Oftentimes, clients will come to me and request I give them a certain look.  Since this home is such a popular favorite, I want to share the secrets to getting this look.

As our leading lady would say, “Oscar, please!!!”  The blue and white rug look-alike in the family room can be found at Restoration Hardware!  The actual rug came from The Rug Loft DhurrieRug, but the look can be created with a Ben Soleimani Flatweave Pinstripe Rug.

The lounge chairs in the family room are also spectacular.  They have a clean look with a cozy feel that says, “I want to spend the rainy day – or any day for that matter – inside!”  A Pottery Barn Carlisle upholstered armchair will do the trick.

If you’ll look towards the back of the family room photo, you won’t be able to miss the elegant candle holders that boast from the foyer table.  You can get the look at LazySusan-Candleholder.

Erica’s bedroom was also a masterpiece.  The quaint Rose Tarlow Side Table can be rediscovered with Bliss Home & Design’s Italian Baroque Pedestal Table.  And I can’t forget to mention the Kenton Nelson painting in this room.  Three of his paintings were featured in this film.  Kenton is known for his idealistic ordinary life style.

To complete the overall look, seashells are a must.  Visit Pottery Barn to find a variety of shells in all shapes and sizes.

  • Courtney

    at Reply

    I’m trying to find the art from Erica’s beach house. Does anyone know where I can find it?

    • Elle Cole

      at Reply

      The art is by Kenton Nelson,

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