Design Solutions: 4 Design Tips To A Great Kitchen

If I would ask all of our clients what’s the most important room in their homes, they would all say: “The Kitchen.”  And, I think most of you would agree with them. Of course, its been titled “The Heart of the Home” for good reason. Its not only the most important room, but should be the most functional room in the house. The kitchen has various activities besides cooking happening all at once – entertaining guests, kid’s homework, meal preparation, etc…the list goes on. So, it should be where we give our utmost attention, making sure we can have great conversation, prepare tasty meals for our family, and a good breakfast to start our day.

Designing a kitchen is fun, especially when it has the best seat in the house. Functional spaces like a kitchen make our lives more enjoyable, and can become the favorite room in the house.

Here are my best design tips for designing a fabulous and functional kitchen:

1. Open concept – its important that as the cook you are engaged with your guests. No one wants to be left out of the fun!

2. Functional Storage Space, including the Island – every well-appointed kitchen needs a place to hide the clutter of pots, pans, etc. Islands are great for storing special occasion dishware, platters, and linens. We love using them to house large stand mixers and accessories with automated shelves so the cook doesn’t have to do the heavy lifting.

3. Smart Seating – a great banquette with lovely decorative pillows, and stately bar stools around your island will create enough seating for you and your guests.

4. Stunning Built-in Cabinets – Cabinets help to keep your kitchen clear of mess and allows your counter tops to do the hard work of food prep.

How does your kitchen measure up? I hope these quick tips will help you start designing a kitchen that makes you happy, and where your family and friends will want to gather!

If you’d like to learn more about designing beautiful kitchen banquettes, you can read my article here. To see more inspirational kitchens, click through here for my top pins on Pinterest!




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