Dennis Miller Stands Up for Collin County Children

It’s impressive to me that two women could just decide they want to make a change and actually do something about it!  Co-Founders Linda S. Paulk and Michelle Brennan Hall began their search for people to help support their cause in 2007.  It’s been a long road, but the strides Star Children’s Charity has made in the community have truly impacted our Collin County children.  Because of these two women along with the support of their Executive Director Ronelle Ianace, the Star staff and the community members who have banned together to make it happen, children are safer, have a place to live, participate in after school programs and receive medical treatment.  I’m so proud to be a supporter in what they do.

November 10th marks their 5th Winter Fundraiser and the theme is “Stand Up With Dennis Miller.”  Join us in this fight to make Collin County a better place for our children.  For more information, contact Caralee Gurney at


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