Personal, warm and inviting just like its occupants describes this home. French Normandy is the architectural and interior style; the amazing tidbit about this home is that it only required one drawing. Dear reader, one initial design concept is extremely rare in design, usually homes of this stature require five or more revisions before its perfected. It is a three story home complete with elevator, air conditioned cabanas and beautiful landscaped grounds. As you scroll through the images you will experience the immense amount of detail and love that was given to the building and designing of this home. (Architect: Larry Boerder)

01_French Country Estate +_A




This stunning groin vault is repeated through the main corridor of the home. To give a little bit of architectural history, in 223 BC the Romans designed the groin vault first constructing it in the Pergamon. A groin vault can handle direct stresses vertically on the piers which you can easily see the four piers on each corner – perfect architectural design. I find it so fascinating that something that may seem so archaic is extremely relevant in 20th century design. Also, a beautiful note is that the view leading to the exterior loggias were designed on an Axis and reflected in the floor pattern.



French Doors and windows leading out to the loggia were manufactured in France, all windows are casement constructed of wood with stunning espagnolette bolt closures.  The windows have a beautiful influence of craftsmanship on this home.


How stunning is this dining room?!  Story behind the chandelier is that the designer found this blue and white vase (middle of chandelier) which complimented the homeowners love for Flow China. So she had the chandelier custom made around this gorgeous vase which is now the focal element of this room. All the millwork on the walls is hand carved and painted by local artisans.


Besides the hand carved wood beams, you will notice that the fireplace was hand plastered, a technic that is predominantly used in Europe. The flow china in the fireplace is not hanging it was actually put on the fireplace while the plaster was wet and left to dry in place.


Master Bedroom has upholstered walls with trim lining the entire room. The picture you see above the mantle hides a TV, the frame just slides upward when the TV is turned on. Back in the right corner the door leads to a quaint office with views of the gardens on all three sides complete with an apple press. The gardens are filled with wonderful fruit trees.  The bed was custom designed and hand finished with silver leaf touches. Initially the ceiling was just going to be a level 5 finish but the designer thought this room needed something more so she sketched this design of this paneled detail which they implemented.  I couldn’t imagine this room having a plain ceiling after seeing this detail…


Stairwell underside detail are hand cut planks that were milled on a half radius and constructed in pieces and layers to create this scallop detail…you can see the lines against the upholstered walls. The paneled walls are the traditional European design with exposed pegs.

This is one of the prettiest guest baths I have seen, the intricate glass work on the shower is incredible and more beautiful in person. I also think it speaks to the high level of design Barbara Vessels implemented in this home. Showers can be a layer of beauty you just have to give it the attention it deserves.



This is the equipment house….doesn’t it look so quaint?? Love the gorgeous flagstone pathway and the sheltering trees limbs in this part of the garden.



French Doors on the loggia were manufactured in France and brought over. The outdoor sconce was designed and hand sketched by Daniel Heath a remarkable and talented architect – the hand sketch is below this image.




Love this pool grassy area in the back of the home…you will see the extent of it in the aerial view.




Breathtaking aerial view of the home…



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