Dallas Market – Part I

Good morning, I hope you are having an amazing week! I am excited to share with you what we spotted last week at Dallas Market. There was a great deal of indigo and mixed metals, nothing surprising since my last trend report at the beginning of January.  The new introductions of indigo were well received, which was a huge improvement from the massive negative commentary surrounding Pantone’s Color of the Year – Marsala. Today, I want to show you some of my favorite lines for accessories. If you’ve spent any time decorating your home you know great accessories are the most challenging to find.

The two lines I love are Benson-Cobb and Napa Home & Garden (image below). Let me first tell you about Benson-Cobb, the reason I love this line is because all of their paintings are canvas reproductions that digitally capture original art work, it doesn’t look fake or digitally reproduced. But, is a beautiful option for original art work reproductions for a third of the cost. Napa Home is a staple for me – they capture the essence of Napa Valley and all its beauty in their collections. All of their creations are spot on in originality and design.



2015-01-20 14.44.10



2015-01-20 13.46.31
Along with the indigo palette, there were tribal (African) influence mixed in this year. Of course, tribal is not a look I particularly like, would have preferred a more bohemian flair rather than tribal.

My favorite showroom was TOZAI, its a great source for beautiful accessories.

2015-01-20 13.10.24
2015-01-20 13.11.53

2015-01-20 13.11.24

2015-01-20 13.09.56

2015-01-20 13.11.02

2015-01-20 13.10.32

2015-01-20 13.10.24

2015-01-20 13.12.11

2015-01-20 13.12.26



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