ASID Meets Alexis Hunter & Associates

Condo at One Arts Plaza – What a view!
What a thrill to be a part of a special evening with the American Society of Interior Designers located in One Arts Plaza!  This gorgeous interior is part of a unique boutique of condos.  It’s minimalistic and clean design boasts a modern work of art.  We had the privilege to tour the developer’s available condo during a design event hosted by Knoll Furniture and the condo boutique – both located in the same building.
The condominiums are part of a downtown revitalization effort speared by the Dallas Museum of Arts. One Arts Plaza is home to both residential and commercial.  Massive, automatic opening doors welcome you into the lobby with a design that softly says, “Hello!  Come on in.”

Incredible view from condo
“The” Patio 
Condo Lobby
Knoll Furniture, established in the 1950’s, is a cummulation of modern works of art.  Their fine furnishings are very detailed, yet clean and modern.
Knoll Bench

Hans and Florence Knoll founded the uniquely high-end furniture company and have been creating quality works of art ever since.  Not only do they design interior furniture, they were the first to revolutionize outdoor furniture to stand the test of outdoor weather errosion.  Designer, Richard Schultz, carefully constructed the weather resistent furniture over a three year time period. Introduced in 1966, it is known as the “1966 Collection.”  He specifically designed the timeless pieces in an effort to meet the request of Florence Knoll to provide patio furniture that wouldn’t rust.  Meeting Shultz’s works of art was the best part of the night!
The Knoll’s don’t just specialize in furniture.  They have also designed specialized products used in both residential and commercial real estate.  “filzfelt” is a 100% wool designed felt with a comfortable feel.  It is used mostly for flooring, but also serves as a room divider.  It’s multipurpose capabilities allow the unique German design to serve as draperies, sound barriers and insulation as well.
Spinnybeck” is their latest invention and consists of all types of leather – distressed, hair hides, embossed, metalics, etc. – creating incredible wall panels. 
I am so privileged to have the opportunity to attend events like these!
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